Where are you now?

The secretary has many programmes / results / records stretching back decades.

Sometimes a question is asked by an ex-athlete such as, “Can you tell me how far I jumped in 1974?” Often the statistic can be tracked down and the answer given!

Recent circumstance has meant a photograph of the SSAA team to the ESAA Track & Field Championships in 1961 has been found. Somerset was a ’Minor’ County with an entry of 60 athletes.

Gradually other photographs will be added to this page so that the question is,

 “Where are you now?”

1961 (Oldest athlete in 2017 is now 76.)

1985 National Track and Field. (Oldest athlete is now 51.)

1988 National Track and Field held in Yeovil. (Oldest athlete is now 48.)

1999  National Cross-Country. (Oldest athlete is now 37.)

2002  National Cross-Country. (Oldest athlete is now 34.)


Taken from “The History of the English Schools’ Athletic Association - 1925 to 1995”

A Somerset Schools AA Coaching course thought to be in the early 1970’s; possibly 1975.

Of note the SSAA secretary is pictured as a young coach.